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Let's Inspire Each Other ✨

My loves! I’m feeling so INSPIRED!

After years and years of so many different jobs, I think I've finally figured out what works for me. I don’t like being stuck at home, per say… I don't really like working for other people either, but the best solution for me is to work hybrid or part time (if I’m not working for myself).

I went back to a part time gig (just by coincidence) but to something that is going to make me happier. You’d think working for a non-profit could be fun, but honestly it's so much work. You leave feeling overworked and underpaid most days, because 501-C’s mostly seek out volunteers and so volunteers are only allowed to do so much. So when you’re employed with the company legitimately, you have so much more work on your hands than maybe you’d first expect. You’re also held to a different standard which can feel unfair.

I also think I need to work with people closer to my age. I didn’t realize what an impact that would have. It’s already hard enough working as a manager in your 20s (just because no one takes you seriously or assumes you may not have enough experience). I’ve been in managerial roles for quite a few years now, and I think I’m a great manager, very collaborative and a great team player. You can only do so much if people don’t want to listen to your instructions, think they’re wiser than you, or have been at an establishment longer and therefore know better…

I have so many plans ahead of me. My love life is going great and I feel really supported by my partner, which is something I haven’t experienced in a long time. And my love life is actually about to change my whole world and sorta make my dreams come true… let’s just say I won’t be in Kansas for much longer…

Once everything starts falling into place next year, I have ideas on starting a new business, by myself, for myself and the quirky things I’m so passionate about. Something that will feed my soul and reignite a sense of purpose and connection with my peers. I’m so excited to embark on this new journey of self-discovery, determination, and commitment. I know all of my big chapters in life are right around the corner and I’m about to turn the page!

I hope you enjoy hearing another life update (per usual) and I hope it can inspire you to follow your passions, and also to follow your heart. It’s hard to stay patient and grateful in times of crisis and you might feel lost, but I promise you that both of those things are so important and crucial to your growth and you WILL be rewarded for it. So hang in there and manifest the f*ck out of your goals & dreams, because they are right around the corner too and this year is going by fast!

Another tip, before I go, is to stay present. Spend time (and make time) for those that you love. Have healthy communication in all of your relationships and if you need to vent or seek advice, do it. Make sure you are around the right people, surround yourself with people who love you unconditionally and believe in your abilities. This helps when you’re feeling lost or down. I believe in you and I can’t wait to share more soon!

Te Quiero Mucho,


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