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What I Wore To An Eco-Friendly Wedding:

Hello friends! Your fashionista styling connoisseur is back from a beautiful wedding of her dear friends and is feeling so inspired to speak with you and share how you can create a sustainable look to a eco-friendly wedding (and beyond!)

So first, let’s talk about the fit! A couple of months ago when I was on one of my ThredUp kicks, I found this gorgeous green dress… wasn’t sure if it was gonna fit, but when I got it in the mail it was literally the most perfect dress to wear to a wedding, not too formal, not too casual (AND YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE GREEN, SO ‘NOUGH SAID!)

Madison taking a mirror selfie, wearing a semi-formal green dress.

I wore it with the shoes I had worn to my moms vow renewal last year, and some earrings that I got from my last trip to Platos Closet (which were green and checkered and SUPER MADS!)

The rings I wore, were not new, these were what I’ve been loving in my collection right now: one from Madewell, one from Mejuri. And my nails were actually some gifted product I received from the Kiss brand a while ago that I never wore, so I decided these would work in a pinch and then I can just reuse them over and over again! I actually put them on while I was in the passenger seat on the way up to the wedding! (Which another sustainable thing that we did was CARPOOL, four of us.)

A hand with french tip style nails and two gold rings. One a signet style ring with mother of pearl, another ring that resembles a snake with a diamond head.

My makeup, is always preferably clean; most of what I’m wearing on my face is a great clean beauty brand called Gen See (see what they did there!) and I’m a sucker for some Glossier skin tint because it feels so weightless on the skin!

Selfie making a duck face, to showcase makeup.

Now to talk about some of the sustainable, eco-conscious moments of the wedding… They had this beautiful minimalistic arch for their ceremony, just decorated with some beautiful flowers, palms, and eucalyptus! When Hope and I lived together (cause this was my roommates wedding) we used to have eucalyptus in our showers to use its properties while it steams in a relaxing shower.

Outdoors, a minimalistic arch with flower bouquets on either side.

The next pic, you’ll see that I actually had the honor of putting out the petals as she walked down the isle (which I was hysterically crying about!) These were rose petals and I think more eucalyptus, and it was such a special moment to be able to do that for a friend on her wedding day!

Madison smiling and holding petals in her hand. There are two weddings guests to her right.

Plus if you look on my lap, I forgot to mention the black leather purse I brought was also a secondhand find from years ago. It was the perfect size for a shoulder bag that you’re just putting your phone and makeup in for a wedding.

Madison's point of view. Petals in her hand and a black shoulder bag resting on her lap, along with tissues.

Now onto some favors from the wedding, first were little globes of tea to take home with you, which I thought was so endearing. I make tea every night with my mom (and have since already tried mine, it was delicious!)

A glass container filled with tea.

I knew that my friend would want to make her favors useful and eco-conscious. Our names for the table were set by rocks, I thought that was super rad and 70s like “pet rocks” no need to kill a tree for my name! And then her mom made these beautiful streamers for us to use as the couple walked back down the isle after their vows. From wooden sticks and left over fabrics that went with the wedding colors, one ribbon said “just married” and it had a little bell on it (which made me feel like we were blessing their marriage and it was so cute!) I am going to now use it as a cat toy, which is definitely Hope-Approved because as a fellow cat mom, she gets it.

tissues that read "dry those happy tears". a streamer with orange and blue colors, and a rock that says Madison.

Moving on to the guest book, I had never seen this before and I thought it was so sentimental and beautiful. You write your name on these wooden hearts (I gave mine a kiss like I was at Build-A-Bear, ngl) and then put them into this see through glass that they can display in their home. And yes of course I signed for my cat Dewey, he was sad he couldn’t make it, but he’s not good on a leash lol.

A guestbook created with tiny wooden hearts that guests write their name on to be displayed in a clear, see-through frame.

Last thing is that I ended up changing my original necklace for this heart one that I recently picked out from a small makers market in Columbia Heights, Washington DC. My girlfriend couldn’t resist spoiling me while I was there. It’s beautiful and has little flowers in it, I felt like it went with the vibe of my friend Hope and what her wedding would look like (and I was totally right!) The maker’s brand was called “Made by Moth.”

Selfie of Madison wearing a heart shaped necklace.

Any tips for sustainable fits or sustainable weddings? I would love to hear this in the comments for some inspiration when I get married!

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